For elimination ( or suppression ) of termites.

Use it stand alone or as an aggregation device
installed above any brand of 'active' inground monitor.

Termite Aggregation Device
( TAD )

MRR $59.95
( This is NOT our selling price )

30 years ago tests proved what 'really' attracts termites.
Summary below of field tests carried out by Santos, 1979 & Ettershank et al., 1980
In one field test around 60 detectors were set ( 30 sitting on the ground and 30
buried just below the surface ). The result was startling. ALL the above ground
detectors were attacked but NONE of the buried detectors.
In another test, natural and artificial detectors were laid on the soil surface with
a plastic sheet a few millimeters below the surface. The plastic sheet was to
rule out the possibility of 'scent' being a food discovery factor.
They found that termites attacked natural and artificial detectors equally.
7 YEARS AGO they confirmed it in laboratory tests and recommended that ALL
inground termite detectors should incorporate this method of attraction.
( Dr. Dini Miller, Dr. Richard Fell, Dr. Donald Mullins, Dr. Oliver Schabenberger,
Dr. Michael Weaver 2004 )
There haven't been any similar studies since because this method of termite
attraction has been proven beyond doubt.
So what attracts a creature that is blind and has no sense of smell ?
Don't confuse pheremone detection with smell. They're not the same thing.
There is one aspect of a termite's environment that it's extremely sensitive to.
Temperature !! A termite can detect the cooling caused by a thermal shadow
thrown into the soil by organic objects on the surface.
Our Termite Aggregation Device ( TAD ) uses this proven method of attraction.
It won't attract termites from metres away. No system actually can.
It can amass over 20,000 termites which can make treatment much more effective.
I just have to laugh at some of the antics of 'experts'.
A leading Australian 'expert' had been producing a termite detector that was
very pretty ( as most of it protruded like a tower out of the ground ).
Shortly after I began marketting my TAD he announced that whereas his tower device ( in his words ) was a market leader he had decided that putting a detector ON the ground was the best way to go. Why ? Now this is the funny part.
Because termite scouts routinely pop up out of the ground to go looking for food.
In reality, termites almost never leave their carefully controlled environment.
It's a handy hypothesis because otherwise this termite 'expert' would have to
admit that he had either ignored or didn't know about the 30 year old tests
that proved how termites 'really' found food sources on the surface. I found
the ON ground studies easily..

For best elimination results all chemical dust manufacturers recommend using an aggregation
device because over 15,000 termites need to be 'directly' coated with dust. This type of treatment
applied to an inground monitor is not possible without specialised equipment and in any case
'effective' treatment can't be confirmed. Makers of CSI baits also make a similar recommendation.
The massive termite population in our TAD will ensure a greater number of feeding termites when
the CSI is applied.

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