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Establish a connection to the hidden nest.

Save time - with 'Zero touch' inspection
Save money - buying manufacturer direct
Pack 10 MRR $79.95 ( This is NOT our selling price )

Please note that the key word here is 'detectors'. These, like all competing brands,
facilitate detection of active termites. Once activity is established, you need
to apply a termite killing agent of your choice.
We also supply a range of options for the 'treatment' phase.

How the Termalert® inground system works

Call our detectors 'baits' if you wish but think 'fishing bait' rather than 'killing bait'.
All the best detectors are really 'fishing baits'.
Our detectors are installed in the soil with just the white top showing.
When termites discover them they quickly move in to the edible tunnel network.
When they hit the top, the white disclosing disc will become progressively stained.
This will be observed during routine inspections by a professional ( or home owner ).
When they discover the inner food mass it will keep them occupied until your next inspection.
There have been many attempts to design detectors that actually 'attract' termites.
One manufacturer developed a CO2 emitting substance which has been strongly
marketed. Their own scientific field test failed to mention the fact that water used
( to activate their 'attractant' ) was in fact the main attractant. They claim attraction
from 2 metres away but even if they did work who would want to attract termites from 2
metres away towards their home.
The most important aspect of our detectors is ZERO TOUCH.
Any movement in the food mass can cause disturbance and abandonment
by termites. This happens regularly when top removal is required for inspection.
After rain ( which loosens the soil ) competitor's units move during inspection.

The diagrams above show a superceded model but the principle is identical.
Once termites have established themselves it's time for the 'treatment' phase.
A Termalert® Termite aggregator can then be installed over the active detector.
Termites will then move into it, thinking it is a large fallen branch. When enough
termites have moved in, they are 'treated'. The 'treated' termites will transfer
the treatment agent to the major satellite ( or main )colony. Colony elimination
or massive suppression is achieved and the pressure is taken off.

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